ERAL provides technical solutions tailored to specific client requirements.
The content of its offers for equipment and plants are completed with high level complementary services.

Company Activity

Eral UK specializes in process engineering and equipment design for numerous industries, including mining, industrial minerals, coal, sand and aggregate production, chemicals, recycling, environmental/waste treatment, as well as other diverse processes.

With our broad experience and technical capabilities, the technical team of AMPmineral is able to offer an extensive range of highly efficient, well engineered and simple, cost effective, solutions for the processing of mineral ores, sands and other industrial minerals.

Eral UK is committed to the continuous improvement of all its activities and products, with the primary objective of providing the industry with innovative solutions, technical quality and service reliability, whilst generating added value for its customers and business partners

Our main objective is the execution of projects, studies, research and engineering services for mineral processing and metal recovery in the mining and metal producing industries, as well as the design, development, manufacture, installation and commissioning of processing plants (pilot or industrial scale) for mining and other industries.

Eral UK commitment responds to client expectations with innovative state-of-the-art solutions, creating added value in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of plants and equipment. Each of these activities is subject to thorough quality procedures to verify and/or validate design, materials and processes, in compliance with project requirements.


Washing Drums (Scrubbers) are heavy-duty equipment designed for the vigorous washing of coarse materials and removal of clay-based agglomerates off rocks, gravel and minerals.

Because of their effectiveness and high processing capacity, Washing Drums are especially suitable for use in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Aggregates washing of low-quality with adhered clay and high soluble content.
  • Liberation of clay and pulping of clay agglomerates.
  • Treatment of certain porous minerals.


The primary aggregate washing process in washing drums requires a considerable amount of water to ensure that the materials that will later be wet-processed have achieved the degree of preparation, dilution and homogenization required.

In a preliminary stage, the specification and dimension of the Washing Drum required by the operating conditions are analysed in detail. The specified equipment is tailored to the slurry volume and the fine particles content treated inside the drum, taking into consideration the subsequent process stages of comprehensive material washing and classification, hydrocycloning among them. This will ensure that the sand is properly washed with no loss of fines, while as much water as possible is recovered for use in the early stages of the process.


These units feature significant advantages for use in their many applications:

  • Robust construction for round-the-clock operation, with drive mechanisms designed for smooth, gradual starting at full load.
  • Silent, vibration-free operation with a low dynamic coefficient.
  • Long useful life of the tyre assemblies.
  • Easy to transport and install at the site, as the unit is supplied in two sections.
  • Simple maintenance, consisting primarily of monitoring the oil in the motor reducers.
  • Fast and easy replacement of liners, internal drum mechanisms and other parts, as the machine is assembled with standard components readily available on the market.

With its laboratory-scale testing resources and demo/pilot plants for field work, ERAL can simulate processes and extrapolate data for industrial use.

Sand & Gravel

Supplies systems and processing plants for the treatment of sands and gravels with advanced design arising from many years of expertise and experience in this sector. Our technical team has developed the equipment necessary to ensure the qualities required in the final products intended for applications such as:

  • Manufacture of high-strength concretes.
  • Manufacture of asphalt pavements.
  • Manufacture of sands for mortar.
  • Production of pipe laying and fibre optic sands.
  • Preparation of agricultural soil conditioning material.
  • Preparation of material for sports fields and golf courses.
  • High strength precast concretes.

Commitment to designing sustainable engineering systems, which address all environmental concerns, and we have a policy of continuous innovation and improvement based on the latest technologies, to offer the user more precise and versatile plants, such as:

  • Hydrocyclone with double-stage washing plants.
  • Plants for the simultaneous production of two types of sand productions.
  • Hydrocyclone plants with high efficiency of classification for the elaboration of special sands applied to the laying of pipelines and fibre-optic cables, agricultural soils, preparation of high strength sports fields, and prefabricated floors.

Pilot equipment and qualified personnel to perform all kinds of tests with samples of materials to simulate, in the laboratory or field, numerous treatment processes and extrapolate data at a commercial level.

Contamination of sand by lignite

Extensive experience in the elimination of lignite or other contaminants in fine sands, using our TAK Hydroclassifiers. The application of this technology is based on separation by “floating” of organic particles due to their lower density than the sand, allowing the production of a wide range of sands to meet all required specifications and qualities.

We provide equipment for the refining of heavy fractions using gravimetric methods, such as jigs or oscillating box separation equipment which are included in our product range.

Metal Mining

Provides effective solutions in the development of our projects with innovative systems for the most diverse applications, including:

  • Circuit closed of grinding in concentrator plants.
  • Gravimetric plants for heavy minerals (copper, lead, zinc, gold, tin, tungsten and iron).
  • Treatment of tailings.
  • Bioleaching of concentrate polymetallic sulphide minerals.
  • Treatment of tailings.
  • Agglomeration of ores of copper, gold and uranium for hydrometallurgical treatment.

We have the means and the knowledge to perform testing of samples and research for the treatment of ores in the laboratory or field. Based on the results obtained we can propose alternative solutions which are normally improvements on the original configuration.